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*Some structures vary in case by case scenarios, depending on extent of water loss, period of time water has dwelled, and category of water/source of water. It is always recommended to have water damaged homes immediately inspected by our professionally trained staff, to utilize the proper mitigation techniques needed for your home. Some building material can be dried and salvaged in place (i.e. drywall, carpet, certain flooring types, etc.), depending on extent and category of water loss. Our staff works with insurance carriers in covered loss claims to assist the homeowner during the loss. Reconstruction/repair services is also available via covered loss, or by homeowner.

Water Damage

Pipe leak? Did the pipe leak result in water damage to your home?  If not handled properly, even a minor water loss can turn into a major problem involving insurance coverage issues, destruction of items that should have been unaffected by the water, and possibly mold.  Aresco of Tidewater utilizes the latest advancements in drying mitigation technology and equipment to dry your home back to pre-loss condition.  During the process, we determine if there is any hidden damage or presence of water, such as in your walls.  Additionally, we possess the skills and experience needed to make the associated repairs.